Wishwood Resort, nestled in the picturesque mountains, was a popular getaway for travelers seeking a luxurious, eco-friendly experience. However, their outdated website was not reflecting their brand values and couldn’t keep up with the modern needs of their digitally-savvy clientele. The resort partnered with Ox Bow Creations, a leading web design agency, to create a new website that would not only showcase their unique offerings but also improve their online bookings.

Problem Statement

Wishwood Resort was facing several challenges:

Their old website was not responsive, leading to a poor user experience on mobile devices. The website’s design was outdated, which didn’t effectively communicate the resort’s brand values and identity. There was a lack of clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and an inefficient booking process, resulting in lost potential bookings. The website lacked SEO optimization, causing it to rank low in search engine results.

Ox Bow Creations conducted a thorough analysis and proposed a comprehensive plan to address these issues.


Ox Bow Creations implemented the following strategies to help Wishwood Resort achieve their objectives:

Responsive Web Design:

To provide an optimal user experience across all devices, Ox Bow Creations created a responsive design that automatically adapted to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Updated Design and Branding:

Ox Bow Creations collaborated with Wishwood Resort to create a modern, visually appealing design that showcased their brand identity and values. They incorporated high-quality images, videos, and custom graphics that reflected the resort’s luxurious and eco-friendly environment.

Streamlined Booking Process and Clear CTAs:

To increase conversions, Ox Bow Creations redesigned the booking process, making it more user-friendly and efficient. They placed clear CTAs throughout the website, guiding users to take action and make reservations easily.

SEO Optimization:

Ox Bow Creations conducted extensive keyword research and optimized the website’s content, meta tags, and other on-page factors to improve its search engine rankings. They also implemented a robust content strategy to increase organic traffic and drive more bookings.


After launching the redesigned website, Wishwood Resort experienced significant improvements in their online presence and booking rates:


Ox Bow Creations successfully revitalized Wishwood Resort’s online presence by creating a responsive, visually appealing website that effectively communicated the resort’s brand values and offerings. Their strategic approach to design, user experience, and SEO optimization led to a significant increase in online bookings and overall guest satisfaction. The collaboration between Wishwood Resort and Ox Bow Creations serves as an excellent example of how a well-executed web design project can lead to tangible business results.