Long Farms, a family-owned and operated farm, has been providing fresh, locally sourced produce to its community for generations. However, their online presence was minimal, and they were missing opportunities to connect with customers and expand their market. Long Farms partnered with OxBow Creations, a renowned web design agency, to develop a new website that would not only showcase their offerings but also enable them to reach a broader audience and drive sales.

Problem Statement

Long Farms faced several challenges:

Their existing website was outdated and lacked critical information about their products and services. It was not mobile-friendly, leading to a poor user experience on various devices. The website did not have an online store, preventing customers from purchasing products directly. Finally, the website lacked search engine optimization (SEO), causing it to rank low in search results.

OxBow Creations conducted a comprehensive analysis and proposed a plan to address these issues.


OxBow Creations implemented the following strategies to help Long Farms achieve their objectives:

Responsive Web Design:

To provide an optimal user experience across all devices, OxBow Creations created a responsive design that automatically adapted to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Updated Design and Branding:

OxBow Creations worked closely with Long Farms to create a modern, visually appealing design that showcased their brand identity and values. They incorporated high-quality images, videos, and custom graphics that highlighted the farm’s fresh produce and commitment to sustainability.

Online Store Integration:

To facilitate online sales, OxBow Creations integrated a secure, user-friendly e-commerce platform into the website. This allowed customers to browse products, make purchases, and schedule deliveries with ease.

SEO Optimization:

OxBow Creations conducted extensive keyword research and optimized the website’s content, meta tags, and other on-page factors to improve its search engine rankings. They also implemented a robust content strategy to increase organic traffic and drive more sales.


After launching the redesigned website, Long Farms experienced significant improvements in their online presence and sales:


OxBow Creations successfully elevated Long Farms’ online presence by creating a responsive, visually appealing website that effectively communicated the farm’s brand values and offerings. Their strategic approach to design, user experience, and SEO optimization led to a significant increase in online sales and customer satisfaction. The collaboration between Long Farms and OxBow Creations demonstrates the impact a well-executed web design project can have on a family business’s growth and success. Visit their site here: